Zach Vogel

Zach joined the CCEP staff in November, 2014 and has consistently demonstrated the character, calling, and competency for pastoral ministry. He and his wife Margaux both grew up in central Indiana in a small farming community. They met at Indiana Wesleyan University while they were students there and were married in September of 2013. They have three girls, Ellie (2016), Miriam (2018) and Kinsley (2019). 
Zach’s serves the CCEP congregation as their Pastor of Youth Ministry and Worship Ministry. As an associate pastor he also supports the overall ministry of his church through various tasks ranging from pastoral care to computers and technology.
An extension of his good work at CCEP is to support the ministry of the HUB, our community’s multi-denominational youth ministry. The HUB youth group has given Zach the opportunity to work along side community youth pastor, John York, and other youth leaders from many different churches in Estes Park. Together they reach and serve the students and families of our beautiful mountain valley. When Zach started in ministry he saw a great need in our  churches for God centered selfless worship. He believes culture has brought our focus away from what God has done for us into a mindset that God “owes” us something. His goal in ministry is to be a selfless teacher leading people to live selfless lives in order that Christ may be made first and we may be made last.