Who I Am In Christ

Our culture is facing an identity crisis. As we abandon the institutions and ethics foundational to society, we are suffering deep losses in our sense of identity. Modern families are failing at an astounding rate as marriage is redefined and sexual identity is deconstructed. Some celebrate these losses in the name of progress and social justice, but we all feel the painful repercussions as the fabric of our culture is being undone. The good news is that God has not abandoned us to blindly find our identity by the shifting dictates of the current culture. As our Creator and Redeemer, God crafted each of us on purpose and endowed us with purpose. We will discover that purpose as we find our true identity in Christ. We are excited to invite you to join us this autumn at the Christian Church of Estes Park for our new series: Identity: Who I am in Christ. In this 6 week series we will move from PC (Politically Correct) to BC (Biblically Correct) as we reveal what really defines us, true Biblical morality, the purpose of gender, the design for marriage, the structure of family, and the power of Christian community. Step away from the crisis and embrace your true Identity: Who I am in Christ. 

September 22 – Identity – Knowing what defines me

September 29 -Morality – Identifying my standard

October 6  Sex and Gender – Understating my design

October 13 – Marriage –  Who we become when two become one

October 20 – Family    Fulfilling my role

October 27 – Church – Embracing my purpose


Services are held 8am & 10am Sunday’s.  For more information please visit or call us at 970.586.8586

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