Hospitality & Care

Is your passion to make people feel at home? Is cooking as comfortable to you as your food is to others? Perhaps you like to sew or decorate. You can use any of those passions and gifts to ministry to others.


Has God given you a gift to sing, play an instrument, or do you have the skills to run sound or a computer? If so, we encourage you to use your gifts in the worship ministry.

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Our youth group is not just our youth group. We combine with 4 other church’s in Estes Park to form the HUB youth ministries. To get involved in serving in youth, fill out the form below.


Praise Place is our high quality kid’s ministry where our younger attenders can learn about God, Faith, and the Bible in an energetic and kid-friendly environment. 

Men’s Ministry

Being a man isn’t about what your can do, but more about who God has made you to be. Find out more as you hike through life with other men using only the trail map we call the Word of God. 

Women’s Ministry

Being a woman of noble character is no easy calling. Thankfully God gave us sisters to support us on our journey. Connect with your Christian sisters through Women’s Ministry.


CCEP is all about discipleship, and we want to help you to be and to build disciples like you never have. We have many programs that you can utilize to grow your faith and teach others what it means to be a disciples of Jesus. 


The Kingdom Commitment is a commitment to support our missionaries in reaching this world locally, nationally, and globally. We are committed to always supporting our missionaries well and we would like you to join in our vision as we further Gods Kingdom on earth. 


The administration ministry is am extremely important part of our church. If you like doing office work, data entry, spelling and grammar checking, finance, etc this is the ministry for you.