Weekly Update 7/26

Hello Church Family,

We just got some prayer requests in from Pastor Henry in Zambia. He is one of the missionaries we regularly support, if you didn’t know.  Please take time to pray for Henry and all of our missionaries.

Don’t forget the picnic this Sunday,
sara in the office

Well, the Lord has opened more doors and the work is becoming hard and workers are few. Pray for the new churches that God can raise faithful leaders, pray for the health of my family, pray for our crops at the farm to be safe pray that we can have a tractor for the farm and pray for the car which breaks down every now and then because it is too old. I would like you to pray for me God willing l may go to Congo, Rwanda and Burundi in September.

Please greet all the saints and your family.

In His love,


weekly update 7.26

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