The Book of Daniel Pt II

Vision of the End…Is Just the Beginning


Winged Lions, four headed leopards, and lopsided bear’s, oh my! No wonder so many are intimidated by Biblical prophecy. Be not afraid. This winter The Christian Church of Estes Park is continuing our study though the Book of Daniel. In part 1 we examined the biographical first six chapters. In part 2 we will be exploring the amazing and prophetic final six chapters. Throughout his life God gave the Prophet Daniel dramatic visions of the end days. Through this prophetic widow Daniel predicted the course of history with uncanny accuracy. These incredible predictions not only testify to the supernatural origins of Scripture, they also speak to us about God’s sovereign plans which give us great hope. Get ready to be encouraged as your faith is straightened…and seriously, don’t let the winged lions scare you.

Jan 7 Beauty and the Beasts – The Visions of the Four beasts( Chapter 7)

Jan 14Unicorns and Empires – The Vision of the Ram and the Goat- (Chapter 8)

Jan 21Smart Enough to Say Sorry – Daniel’s Prayer (9:1-29)

Jan 28 Seventy Weeks till Sunday – The Vision Of The Seventy Weeks (9:20-27)

Feb 4The Battle is Bigger than You Think – The Vision of the End pt. I (10:1-11:1)

Feb 11You Can’t Make this Stuff Up – The Vision of the End pt. 2 (11:2-35)

Feb 18 The End is Just the Beginning.- The Vision of the End pt. 3 (11:36-12:13)


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