First Christmas

Stories From the Birth of Christ

This is the season of hope, of joy, of love, and of life. We celebrate it with decorations, and songs, and gifts. The First Christmas was not so festive. God had been silent for centuries. Then quietly, God breaks His silence in the most peculiar of ways. In the story of this inaugural Christmas an old woman discovers that God can create life in barren places; a scholar hears hope break through silence; an inn keeper comes to realize why it’s good to be prepared; a young woman discovers that Christ really does change everything; a new dad rests in God’s love as he wrestles with his role, and a shepherd rejoices in some surprising news.
Join us this Advent season as we hear reflections on that night from Elizabeth, a Wiseman, the Inn Keeper, Mary, Joseph, and a Shepherd. Each changed by their experience during His miraculous arrival. It’s a story that will never be forgotten. It’s a story that’s changing people still. It’s the story of the First Christmas.
Join us November 26-December 24. Our Sunday Services are at 8am & 10am. The nursery and Praise Place (children’s) programing are available at the 10am service. The dress is casual.
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Nov 26 – Elizabeth (Wreath/Eternal – Green/Life)

Dec 3 – A Wiseman (Purple – Prophecy/hope)

Dec 10 -The Inn Keeper (Purple- Bethlehem/Preparation)

Dec 17 – Mary (Rose – Shepherd/Joy)

Dec 24 – Joseph (Purple – Angel/Love)

Christmas Eve – A Shepherd (White- Christ)



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