The Parables of Jesus

Can you imagine listening to the parables of Jesus first hand? We have the opportunity to read the stories. We have the opportunity to take in the wisdom of the God-man being poured out to us. As we read the Bible it is easy to conclude that Jesus was a master story teller. Join us this summer as we unpack the meaning behind the Parables Jesus and as we unravel a deeper understanding and passion for His Kingdom.




Mark Stelter

Intro & Prodigal Son

June 15 & 18

Bill and Marcy Hoover

The Wine Skins

June 22 and 25

James Carnell

Two Sons

June 29 and July 2

Mark Stelter

Sower of Four Types of Soil

July 6 & 9

Andrew Rohwedder

The Mustard Seed

July 13 and 16

Bob Ewell

Lost Sheep and Lost Coins

July 20 and 23

James Carnell

The Brides

July 27 & 30

Warren Wilkowitz

Pearl of Great Price

Aug 3 & 6

Keith Pearson

Wise and Foolish Builders

Aug 10 & 13

Zach Vogel

The Good Samaritan

Aug 17 and 20

Zach Vogel

The Talents

Aug 24 and 27


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