The Book of Daniel

Have you ever wandered what to do when evil is on the rise? Have you ever asked, “Where is God?” when bad things happen? Do you ever wonder how to live a faithful life in an increasingly hostile age? You are not alone. Nearly three millennia ago a young teenager must have been asking himself those same questions when he was orphaned and taken to a powerful and hostile nation. His name was Daniel. Not only did he become one of the most powerful prophets in history, but he also left a legacy of respectable faith over adversity.
You are invited to join us at the Christian Church of Estes Park through October as we crack open the ancient and fascinating book of the prophet, Daniel. This twelve-chapter masterpiece not only foretold the rise and fall of ancient world powers, but also points to an unexpected solution to the pain in our world today. Fiery furnaces, lions dens, and scheming politicians are no match for respectable faith in a hostile age. If you could use hope, encouragement and direction in these trying times you will not want to miss this series.
Oct. 1 – Chapter 1: Respect who(se) you are
Oct 8 – Chapter 2: Respect the plan
Oct 15 – Chapter 3: Respect real power
Oct 22 – Chapter 4: Respect who’s in charge
Oct 29 – Chapter 5: Respect consequences
Nov 3 – Chapter 6: Respect faith


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