Acts Part 2

March of the Kingdom

We invite you to join us at the Christian Church of Estes Park this March as we join the great Dr. Luke on an epic adventure transformation. The book of Acts is the second half of Luke’s Gospel, and records the history of the church from Christ’s resurrection to Paul’s audience with Caesar. More than a history, this inspired text reveals the redemptive power of God in real life! In Part 1 (chapters 1-9) we witnessed how Christ’s Kingdom came to earth.

In The Book Of Acts Part 2 – March of the Kingdom  (chapters 10-14) we will experience the power of Christ’s Kingdom as it expands, unites, overcomes, goes, and grows despite the many formidable obstacles placed its way. Each week as we investigate a new chapter we will uncover powerful principles that empower God’s church. We will also find practical ways to unleash these potent and life-giving truths in our lives, church, and community. 

THE BOOK OF ACTS Pt 2 – March of the Kingdom

March 2019 @ The Christian Church of Estes Park 

4655 US Hwy 36 / Estes Park, CO  80517

March 3   – Acts 10 – The Kingdom Expands

March 10 – Acts 11 – The Kingdom Unites 

March 17 – Acts 12 – The Kingdom Overcomes March 24 – Acts 13 – The Kingdom Goes

March 31 – Acts 14 – The Kingdom Grows

Services are held 8am & 10am Sunday’s. 

For more information please visit or call us at 970.586.8586

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